In this podcast I’ll investigate different aspects of working in art, go in depth with subjects and examine the relation between art and society. By interviewing colleagues and friends both artist and non-artists I hope to shed a light on how art and functions as a part of our life and how we can keep relevant in ou time. This feed will be a mix of podcasts that I create only for this feed and podcasts I do for others, like the AUT-podcast.

Oh yeah, wouldn’t it be great if everybody spoke and understood every language, so that we could keep the richness and depth of every language at the same time as everybody could understand each other?
Since this isn’t the case I’ll conduct each episode in the language that I find fitting. Personly I speak 3 languages fluently: danish (mother tongue), english and french. So episodes of the podcast might be in any of this languages.

  •     AUT PODCAST #3 Anders Skibsted
  •     AUT Podcast #2 – Magnus Plejdrup
  •     AUT Podcast #1 – Lil Lacy